Tommorrow going You know…

Posted On May 16, 2007

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For those of U who are Mc DKids will know this famous mc donald’s tagline..Me is happy & excited there is so much to see & do. i m really going to pack lite cos i intend to go there & buy my clothings..hehe..i have came to work very early ie 7plus 2days in the rows & packed my days with meetings and yet despite staying to almost 9 last nite i still didnt feel tired unlike my usual self.hmm it really makes me wonder if its true that the more you sleep the more tired you get… i dont know! anyway tomo i intend to catch a nap on the plane…the only problem is wonder what they serve for lunch though…i hope nothing meaty…anyway does CX serve vegetarian??


One Response to “Tommorrow going You know…”

  1. Livia

    i agree wif the more sleep become more tired theory coz i suffer from tis too.

    but i need my teh-C to keep mi hyper throughout the day

    and i hardly nap. if tired, i’ll juz sleep earlier at nite. it’s hard to work out how many hrs of sleep is optimum.

    i’m sure CX has vegetarian but need to request at least 1 day in advance, i believe

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