Do U deserve my respect??

Posted On May 30, 2007

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I believe in leading by example.. if a manager fails to do that then how can you expect to get any respect. Respect is earned and not something you inherit just becos you have a title… a gd manager is one is leads courageously ie not be afraid to tell his/ her staff that he / she is wrong when the person does something wrong and not behave differently or grant favours to a staff bcos you think the staff has “connections” or a becos the person comes from a better background then the rest of the pack… so what if he is a pedigree?? are u saying that the rest are strays?


2 Responses to “Do U deserve my respect??”

  1. bonbon78

    o…pedigree…how cute! i suppose he gets Caesar for his birthday

  2. Koala

    Nope it should be science diet!!

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