Posted On June 1, 2007

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I am starting to see why relationships are make or break bcos of Values…being different. I am blessed to hv a better half ( better & more matured than me half) so there has always been one to guide me when i m falling…When it comes to frenz we can choose, but when it comes to work colleagues we cant choose but yet we are forced to live in the same bubble. Of cos i dun deny that it is good that we want to progress & make $$ for the company & of cos we all want to be recognised as part of an elite $ making business unit.. but before all this happens, lets take one step back and find out what is the real agenda for pushing for the Biz to succeed? is it reali abt the company? our passion for our jobs or is becos we just want to satisfy our EGOs? or get that extra bonus etc? i think for me its more the passion of doing the work together with the fact that I made that difference rather then getting all the $$… & i think this is more satisfying cos somehow i believe its more abt dev myself and my staff then abt me & the $$ i can get….


One Response to “Values”

  1. bonbon78

    totally agree. values can make or break a r/ship

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