Is this the type of environment to work in?

Posted On June 20, 2007

Filed under Worklife

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the boss sleeps in the office, snores loudly den the Management Associate ( supposedly to be of Future management calibre snoozes after lunch….then they bring in a so called highly intelligent smart SMU intern  paid$50 a day who gradually does the same thing… I have never met an intern or a  future management calibre who is so狂妄that comes to work and spends more time having coffee breaks and smoke breaks and do nothing for the rest of the time… and the rest of the team slogs like crazy..i noe we shouldnt compare but it not the comparison that is driving me nuts… its they way they manage the office… how am i suppose to enforce punctuality and responsibility in the other staff if my management staff works this WAY? gosh why doesnt the Big Guy comes around when they are snoozing…


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