Yes! i m moving

Posted On June 28, 2007

Filed under Life Updates

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 Nope not house…. its just a change of Job scope.. i m very excited and 不舍 as I m moving out of my comfort zone and leaving my gd frens and colleagues behind after 4 years…  it was a tough decision as it was not exactly the best time to leave but hey i really wanted to do this 1 1/2 years back but everytime i hold back.. below was an email i received from a fren back in July 2006 :  That time, when I applied 4 transfer, I’m not in the middle of anything. But I know your feeling … Anyway, my advice to you is that … you care so much for the works, for other people, but do you feel you have enough fair treatment from works, other people. If the answer is NO, just go for it … Do your hand-over with care to satisfy your conscience.

I guess he is right to a certain extent and finally one year later i m making that move which is actually 1 year overdue haha… i think there is never ever going to be a best time to leave… but i know that deep down inside i will always have a special feeling for this place… & i want to do my best to the last second before i outprocess from this office…

i think this is going to be one long topic that i cannot stop talking abt cos how do you put down 4years worth of 爱恨情仇, 喜怒哀乐 in just one post correct?


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