BUSY Week – No Appts please

Posted On July 2, 2007

Filed under Life Updates

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My Mom & sis has abandoned me for off to HK they went for the whole week..( 1st to 6 july) they left yest morning & my mom stole my concealer…ok i digressed.

The point is i m left with the dog & the Empty house..i m now tasked to feed her ,play wif her and give her snacks..she has permanently became a fixture in my room at nite & she is driving me crazy wif her scratching of the floor.. no idea what she is scratching though..she did it the whole of last nite….i couldnt sleep.just when i decided to get down to slpg its 7am time to feed her bfast..Dinner for her is 745 -8pm so i have to rush home after wk to clean her newspapers of poo and urine.. wash the rags and the clothes…& consume dinner alone…its a lonely week but sounds like a retreat for me though haha.. tv here i come.


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