Sunday- 1 July 2007

Posted On July 2, 2007

Filed under Life Updates

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i went JB yesterday around 1plus the Queue was super long & i waited like 1hr in the Q just to get pass the msia customs( witout much ventilation) & did nothing but eat eat eat…so gross! i had portuguese egg tart and roast chicken, then tom yam sizzling hot stones bee hoon together with fried rice and a beer, then coffee@seasons goodness.. i spent a little fortune RM45 @ Watsons buying concealer,stockings,mascara den i spent another RM30 @ a silver shop buying a hello kitty crystal brooch & a cutesy ring.. after that i made my way back to Spore thank goodness didnt drive! then i went back home fetched my dog to sembawang park for a walk..then i stayed home watched a little TV then followed by a small walk @sun plaza & visited the Library… what a DAY!


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