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Posted On July 4, 2007

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despite being officially not in the kitchen for a couple of years, i realised that i still haven lost that touch.. I made “rice cooker – cabbage / pumpkin rice” and chicken & carrot congee… both were quite delicious & tasty despite me not using any salt or artifical flavouring.. i will put up the receipe soon for your benefit – Wiffgal. “He” commented it was delicious! I m so happy there is nothing more satisfying when your loved one enjoyed what you cooked..despite them being a one dish meal… unfortunately no pic..

Cabbage , Pumpkin rice

  • Some lean pork – seasoned in dark sauce
  • 2 table spoon of veg low fat margarine
  • whole garlics 2-3 ( lightly smashed with ends of knife- keep whole)
  • Hey bee ( dried prawns) & dried scallop ( soaked in warm water)
  • Black mushrooms ( soaked and cut into halves or slices – upto you)
  • Cabbage Leaves ( halved)
  • Pumpkin – cut into rectangles – not too small
  • Rice ( washed)

To Do:

  1.  Heat Margarine
  2. Stir fry garlic , hey bee, scallops with pork till fragrant
  3. add in rice & stir fry till fragrant & rice is brownish caused by the soya sauce in pork
  4. Put everything into rice cooker – then add cabbage, pumpkin, mushroom & water
  5. Turn rice cooker to cook.
  6. Ready to serve

This is my all time fave one dish meal – its fuss free, and best of all it is economical and time saving..cos the rice cooker is doing the cooking… also if you are not a pork person, do it with chicken chunks..if you want it to be even more tasty, add wax sausages,salted fish or carrots instead of pumpkin, the possibilities are endless..try it..


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