Pets Horoscope – Tarus

Posted On July 10, 2007

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This is my Dog’s horoscope.. 2 words to describe- SO TRUE!!

No fast moves for the Taurus pet. This is a lethargic, even lazy animal that would much rather sleep than run around! Therefore, be sure that your pet’s bed is comfortable, with a super-soft blanket thrown in for good measure. Pampering the Taurus pet is rule number one!

These animals love to eat, too, so see to it that Fido’s food is fresh and tasty and that Kitty’s bowl is filled with chunky meaty or fishy food. The Taurus pet is also fond of physical touch, which is why you should pet them regularly and give their coats slow and luxurious rub-downs.

They’re not big on exercise, really, so don’t expect your Taurus pet to run over the hill and through the woods — they may not even want to run around the yard! Lounging around is the name of their game.

These animals can be persistent and stubborn as well, and if they could talk they’d probably argue more often than not. That said, they do appreciate the comforts of home and are loyal to their masters for this very reason; a Taurus pet is highly unlikely to run away. Since they like to eat so much, keep an eye on your pet to ensure they don’t get too fat.

Lastly, this tolerant and gentle pet makes for a great companion for kids.


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