So Much to Little Time….

Posted On July 17, 2007

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Couple more days to my new assignment & yet I m still so busy busy busy.There is just so much I want to do but have no time to get around to doing. There is just so much reading to be done before I join the other side.. ok I shall spend some time doing reading this week, doing serious reading…if I don finish this before I join them I think I m going to be so lost…but at the same time I still want to read my 天龙八部 books 1 to 5 within 3 weeks.Gosh I don’t think I will make it lor.. looks like I have to do the return den snatch back thing from library otherwise it will have to be extension feesThen I want to shop for more Chinese dictionary and want to get a Bahasa Dictionary oooooohhhh.. just so much to doThen I want to go some personal short trips with my present team mates before I say adios Aiyo aiyo…


2 Responses to “So Much to Little Time….”

  1. bonbon78

    where did u get 天龙八部?

    any NLB branch in particular or all haf? can borrow all the volumes as one item? tat was my skool library system.

    mi been meaning to re-read some of the titles. tis is one of them.

  2. kBear

    got mine at Sun plaza but i know most NLB branches have it
    haha yes this is the system for NLB.
    this is a good book & i m a 段誉fan now.

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