To give a fish or to teach how to fish

Posted On October 12, 2007

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I received an email in my course of work yesterday and this is something i think we all need to think of when we are rendering our help to ppl are we doing them a service of disservice…

FW: Mentoring Question: Teaching to Fish

Interesting “mentor” question…
Where does one cross the line between being “helpful” and doing someone a disservice?

However… i just keep thinking of the phrase…

“When you give a man a fish you feed him once, when you teach a man to fish you feed him forever.”

Instead of providing people the answers they seek, should we instead refrain and teach them how to find the answers on their own?


One Response to “To give a fish or to teach how to fish”

  1. Anonymous

    Where I come from in my country, it always seems very easy to question and judge the action of others and not reflect our own. At a certain point of time, we would jeopardise our vulnerable positions to others jurisdictions by crossing the ‘line’ to feed our own man. in exchange for job security or in recognition of both our subordinates and our superiors. Who are we to judge if the person’s action is right or wrong when we are not them?

    Perhaps, when roles are swopped, we’d be able to view and observe more clearly but not to speak the languages that even god will not utter a word of but to only accept everyone of us for who we all are.

    You and I, Them and Us, We aren’t all that different after all, are we?

    人在江湖身不由己, 黑白事非对错, 由不得任何人来断定


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