Posted On October 26, 2007

Filed under musings

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i cannot imagine it will come soon… i don want bdays i but i don mind the presents haha i love the surprises… i have a wishlist of cos! but there are so many things tat i wont get for myself. actually p is rite i dont have a special need for anything so its hard to get me presents..  i dont want chocolate cake, i want a fresh fruit cake..haha or u may give me a cheese platter with white wine, how i crave for white wine. i think i can polish a whole bottle off on a nice lazy afternoon with cheese ( swiss cheese).. those with holes of cos!

ambition comes with age.. i thot i will be contented with wat i have now but somehow i feel that the need to succeed in career comes up as a higher pirority then alot of things..is it the age or is it the company i keep or is it the changing times changed me?

do i have a new year resol? yup its still grow the career there is so much that i want to achieve so much i want to do, weird isnt it that i cant stop.. ambition is like the forbidden fruit its something one tasted cant be stopped.. i really dun think i can go back beimg what i used to be.. i know 我变了! for some it may be better for some i still have no answer for u..


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