Busy weekend

Posted On October 29, 2007

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had a crazy weekend, busy but fun..  at 7pm on 26th the weekend started for me

Went to have BBQ @chin huat wif 贝贝 den we had a couple of drinks while waiting…for him to show up( as usual busy)

Saturday: 27 Oct 

Sat was good woke up ard 930 did the sweeping mopping and den watched some serial on SCV while waiting for my appointment. Went to JE for buffet, it was really good stuff there but as usual stomach didnt behave, wasnt in a great mood was sulky till 3pm when i decided to cheer up but by then i was sleepy tired and drained.. recently i have been feeling drained the lefy hip bone is still aching very badly… went back to see mei mei and brought her down stairs she is so cute…missed her..den rushed out to hv dinner with Darren and Lim Li @ farmart..auswine, suspect something wrong with the tongue the white moondog aint as good as it used to taste..is it me? or m i realli falling sick?? went IMM shopped at daiso got my shoe bag finally @$2..yesh! 

Sunday 28 Oct

Happy 25 sis…went to Raffles City brought mom window shopping at city link & marina..got sis another sweater… then coffee at City Link Coffee & Toast she loved theplum drink cool & refreshing! then we went to Plaza Market cafe for High Tea Buffet, the spread was good for $27nett.. i will definitely go there again..so next time who wants to go chio me tell me hor…haha..greedy me.. surprisingly i didnt leave the place feeling bloated with food or anything.. den it was homeward bound and Alex Fong ( on SCV62) some vampire flick! he is cutes sia..keke..loved the nose! then i went comastosed!


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