Happy Birthday to Me

Posted On November 7, 2007

Filed under Life Updates

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this yr i m working on my bday..haha cos i m at new place so dun wan to take too many days of leave at one go…anyway i m reluctant to go off ..cant fathom this either… haha must be crazy..god help me..anyway i received lots of prezzies, and most of them happen to be perfume..hoho hmm do i smell? haha..anyway thanx loves for the DKNY green apple..now i do smell like a fresh green apple..been using it for last 2 days reali nice..i love you!! then it will be CK Euphoria from the little one at home… den it was a gold braclet and kisses from my beloved Meimei, a mango cake and the list just goes on haha..anyway once again Happy Bday to me! and thanks for all the prezzies and well wishes..love u all! but i just dun love the 32….though..


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