Posted On December 7, 2007

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i was on the topic of bday presents a couple of posts ago and i was rather undecided what P should get me…cos i had lots of stuff liao.. so it was the usual I buy you something small first den we can look around for something else…anyways he decided that i need a 925 ring cos not safe to bring real gold or diamonds to China…so i got one from KL…den at Pc fair he got me the ASUS EEE PC… after we Q-ed for 3.5hrs.. i think i must have been crazy to q for so long it was so nt me… but it was love at first sight..imagine a 7inch lappy with built in web cam speakers, wifi ( i wanted it for china) and best of all to do all my personal stuff w/o having to use the co lappy…. now i m using it to type this post… of cos since it is so handy i can even bring it anywhere and everywhere ( even to china) so i wont look weird carrying 2 PC and for the price of $598 it is definitely cheaper then any of the WIFI phones i had in mind & i get to use /keep my  beloved W950i…the only thing is that it is running on LINUX but so far so good just some getting use to only…but firefox is ok so far as well & i can skype too hehe…. i love my new lappy..thank u for the wunnerful was definitely useful. i love this PC… and i forgot to mention that i m holding on to the limited edition (approx 500 pcs in Sin) till mid of the month i guess… am thinking of getting one for my sis…for xmas..


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