Last Minute errands

Posted On December 21, 2007

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Somehow there seemed to be so many things to many last min stuff i need to greatest fear is that i might forget something…15days more…counting today..

I have yet to meet up with some of the friends and there is still xmas shopping to do…somehow i keep missing out someone…freaking me out this is mad rush! feel like not getting any this yr, u dun need xmas to gif presents but somehow when u rcv, how can u not 回礼? But some  i will not get u presents till i come back from PVG..cos i think gifts from there will be so much more special cos i m thinking of u whilst i m there..heehee


One Response to “Last Minute errands”

  1. bonbon78

    totally agreed! end up buying more & more presents coz paiseh to juz receive

    i’m done for x’mas shopping

    omg, the final countdwn! u making mi as excited and 忐忑 as u!

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