Counting down to Shanghai…

Posted On December 26, 2007

Filed under Travel, Worklife

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10days more excluding today… i cant believe it…

So many thots and so many 不舍 but i thank my bosses for trusting me to do what i need to do altho i been here 4mths odd..I will not let them down.. I am also thankful for all the support and encouragement from the Div folks too… I pray that i will do everything well even not for my sake but at least for the ppl who believe and trust me!


One Response to “Counting down to Shanghai…”

  1. bonbon78

    OMG! u r making mi very nervous and gan cheong as well

    worried and scared for u yet i noe u will come thru the experience stronger and fitter

    i m feeling breathless liao! everything’s happening so quickly…faint!

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