Wednesday – Day 3 at work

Posted On January 10, 2008

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its not fun.. as some will think, met some folks that gave some very sincere but i must say discouraging comments. i m worried abt the deliverables and when i see certain emails flying around and i m in the loop i get even more worried. I dont know what i can do to Help or whether i should get involved if  you know what i mean. There are alot of things in the standstill and i m not sure really if i should accept it and take a look see view or how. It is indeed very worrying… I m now working on the presentation slides workshop materials etc. next week i will be even busier. i try not to stay too late i m normally in the usual Spore time ( for those who know me well will know what i mean) The culture here is rather slow and i guess what better time for me to learn patience on another level.

The greatest joy i get is walking home at night looking into the interesting shops..but tnite i shall visit the supermart to buy eggs… a small bottle of oil, sugar and salt…to make french i miss the spore french toast, from siang heng to yakun & Wang’s cheesy french toast…& not forgetting my kckk…haha ( fu u know wat rite)


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