my daily meals in shanghai

oh i m so lazy that i resort to only one real meal a day on weekdays.. dun get me wrong i m not on a diet or something, just lazy.. when u are alone not much motivation to cook morever there are alot of very affordable incentives out there ie takeaways, i saw  油条豆浆 from the famous 永和chain..shall try them if it rains too much this weekend to go far…

so i digress, ok here is what i eat..

Bfast – black coffee no sugar/ milk

Lunch – peasant rice & food from the canteen next door ( affordable and not bad for 12yuan)

Dinner – usually bread from the 贝壳面包店  (the breads  there are like in the shape of —shells) I like the red bean and yesterday i tried the sugar butter toast it was yummy !) accompanied by juice( carrot / veg/ grapefruit or orange..) and yesterday some little oranges ( those that u can eat with the skins..)

=================== which is a vast improvement from my monday’s meal of biscuits and juice


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