weekend came and went

Posted On January 14, 2008

Filed under Life Updates

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Did i reali enjoy the weekend? i dun really know…


Well i went to Tailor’s mkt to tailor 1piece of work shirt and 1 pair of pants, i never seem to get any off the rack pants that fit that why i wanna to try.. total bill 260yuan ( 110 for shirt ,150 for pants) lets see how it goes… when i collect next week.

then i went to Cheng Huang Miao or rather the famous Yu Yuan…. to look see… well i was not disappointed lor .. i managed to get clothings and stuff for me and the kiddos and some little gifts for back home…things are pretty cool here and affordable, i stumbled upon 1 whole sale mkt along Fu You street and then i went to Fang Bang street to do manicure… not to bad leh for 30yuan cant complain and it was patterns on every nail lor… i chose red with white butterflies and green crystal..ooh i so wan to do the white nails with black flowers..i shall indulge in myself..( hey dis morning i found a place that does it for 20yuan..opp the office, oh shall i try then???)

Sunday i woke up with a bad cold( actually started sniffing since sat nite) got scolded for sleeping at 2am…but at the temp of 5C i still went out, it was just too depressing to stay indoors alone, i went house hunting with lynnice…then we met up wif her fren and went to 淘宝城 didnt quite like it cos it is a shopping area with lots of imitation stuff.. i was not interested in that so never buy any lor… i was more keen for the local made local priced stuff… i had lunch in an interesting street where they had little stores & outlets, it was pretty yummy i must say..and the 生煎包was yummy… with lots of soup inside…

then i went to the 普安路儿童市场was disappointed cos nothing i could shop for.. next on my list is still the 静安小庭 and 七浦路market..honestly i love the 小东门, 方浜中路area..will definitely go back again. everytime i get there i come back with loads of stuff haha…

anyways i had the 1yuan soya bean drink for breakfast today..yumz…  


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