Dear Wiffygal

Posted On January 15, 2008

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Thanks for your concern…much better due to the good rest i had last nite.. think i need to rest more if i want to get well… cant stay too late this 2 days as it is rather cold here…and the winds are pretty strong at night… it is a common thing for singaporeans to NOT outlive the 2weeks period before falling sick here..especially in Winter.. I think i need to bring my redoxine to work and drink it diligently… but somehow i keep forgetting… I think its not only the weather but the part abt not eating properly… lonely and homesick i guess.. i have been living on bread for dinner..anyway my apt is a duplex meaning the room is upstairs and the living room and kitchen is downstairs, my internet connection is upstairs so after work i pretty much lock up the doors and hole up in the room with the tv on.. and flip channels.. that is pretty much how i spend my weekday nites…

Till we talk again.. take care.. do leave messages here for me…glad to see msgs..its a real CHEER…


2 Responses to “Dear Wiffygal”

  1. wiffy

    hello, hello! I am currently recovering from a cold myself so I know how bad u must have felt … and last time when I visited Shanghai, it was single digit and it’s supposedly after winter already (in April) so many of us fell sick during the trip … so I can only imagine it being much colder for u right now, during winter. But still I think u need to eat a bit better! keke… I miss the teppanyaki buffet at ‘HK plaza’ at Shanghai city, it’s so heavenly that I still think of it (been years since the trip), maybe u can motivate yourself to try that out when you’re better ;p

    anyway, here’s an article I found on cold-fighting foods… it’s a reminder to eat more nourishing food than bread, especially when we are sick… hee… and yah, if I were u, I will cook simple yet delicious meals on weekends like pork porridge with century egg, chicken drumstick with pre-mixed-herbs like dangui soup, lean pork soup with luo han guo and watercress etc… :D~ Get well soon!

  2. Bear Bear

    sure well..thanks for the thought

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