Things are looking better….

Well it has been 1.5 weeks and I m slowly settling in to my routine… of work and back to the apartmentI’m thankful to the Bank for providing such a cozy apartment though I don’t use the facilities much. I.e. living room or kitchen…I even have a clothes washing routine like once every 2 days since I discovered that the heater in the apartment can dry my clothes within a couple of hours ( or actually when I go to sleep at night) my jeans were dried like overnight… I hang my clothes in doors in case u are wondering cos the raindrops here are erh gray…if you know what I mean… I love drinking the 1yuan Soya bean milk for breakfast, I love the 10yuan lunches from the peasanty canteens… I love the weather..

BUT BUT I still miss my friends and family back home…. I am looking forwards to all the visits that I will be getting come end Feb onwards… sometimes i think i m kinda of brave to come into a new city all alone..but i know this will be one of the greatest thing that has ever happened to me… Jan to March has the city in its most romantic mode if you know what i mean…. I love U shanghai !



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