Falling into a routine

On work days i rise at 715am, go to the cupboard pick out what to wear..shower make up ( apply lots of moisturisor on my face which is loads more than SG.. i even put 2 kinds the normal johnson and the night defense ones from Follow me… ) then make my way downstairs put on my muffler and overcoat and boots, check for the keys then its off i go. plug in my MP3 in the lift then it is walkie walk time.. dun know is it i m walking faster or what but it seems faster to get to soya bean milk store…dig for my warm tou nai from the box and flick 1yuan to the uncle… then its cont walking to work.. upon reaching office, i will do the usual set up work and then its lunch then after lunch its work again then waiting to go home.. i will buy my dinner along the way ie pows or what notts then it will be homeward bound. get in turn on the tv and pc and get online whilst i shower then it will be dinner and tv and chating on google chat with my mom and sis and of cos skyping with P…then its time for beddy bye at 10pm..then the new day start again…

OH i will be washing my clothes on weekends only in the morning makes more sense then doing it in the dark at night and if they are work clothes i have more time to let them dry ( over SAT and Sun) Jeans will be laundered on Sun evenings or Monday evenings..


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