ok today is Friday, tomo can i can hv personal time off again YAAY… tomo i have a plan, i shall go to the 静安小庭 which was recommended by Livia’s fren Andy…then maybe off to 七浦路批发市场 according to some, the latter is a damm packed place and i wont enjoy it but i think i m fine moreover i will be alone. Just hang on to the bag real tight… i want to hunt for some stuff to bring home as gifts to hui and the children, i havent gotten anything for bobo as yet..sorry Bo..i m still looking. Hmm thinking of the giantic mickey mouse for mimi and the smaller version( a pair for SY)…Oh & i am looking for the Ez Link stickers.. if i cant find them i know i can find them at 陆家嘴station… 哈哈.  then probably by the time i finish 七浦路its just nice to go home, shall leave apt at 10am tomo, wake up at 830 to wash clothes black ones tomo den hang them out before i go out….

Sunday? i think i shall pamper myself, go to 小东门for manicure and do my hair haha.. cool huh den i ll shop around the 福佑路小商品市场den back to hotel for R &R and DVD … then to a busy week ahead


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