Missing U all…

I am surprised how much I have grown… cos I actually learn how to control the inner devil..Sometimes I m defiant about some stuff when he says don’t do it, I will still want to do it or even if I don’t I feel a small resentment at the back of the mind : “like why why I cant? “its weird I actually passed going out 2 nights in a row and yet not feel any “regrets” maybe because I don’t enjoy the person’s company or maybe I just didn’t want to go…. But hey KTV and drinks leh, my fave u know? Hmm is it because I was saving for the CNY presents or is it because I just missed home and my friends at home too much? I think KTV is not as fun with P and the 2 girls and all the nonsensical stuff that we do.. I will never forget our last KTV session with ah 贝, “周杰伦是哪个国家的歌手?” also all the rubbishy things that we say and all the steam we let out at those sessions


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