SKIN is DYING… how?

Posted On February 1, 2008

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I tried all the moisturizers and the skin is dying still…with little dots… thank god the hair is still fine cos I have been faithfully conditioning it..Oh I cut my hair alittle and its so much neater now, I like… the stylist is really worth the 88y I paid for lor… top stylist in saloon some more… The face ( touch wood ) is still ok, cos I m using the “follow me night defense” cream but I cant really say the same for the legs and the arms lor… Thankfully no rash but the elbows are really really dry, to the extent that it is painful… yesterday night I put cream on the place where I had a fall, hopefully not scarred lor, I am worried that it will… so sad leh. But seems like it’s a SHG souvenir..   


One Response to “SKIN is DYING… how?”

  1. bonbon78

    tink the water is hard thus hair gets coarse…somemore mi is too lazi to put conditioner half the time : P

    when and where did u fall? *ouch*

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