Happy Lunar New Year greetings in advance…

Posted On February 5, 2008

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如果一滴水代一个祝福,我送你个东海;如果一颗星代表一份幸福,我送你一条银河;如果一棵树代表一份思念,我送你一片森。新年快乐!  愿您:年年圆满如意,月月事事顺心,日日喜悦无忧,时时高兴欢喜,刻刻充满朝气, 祝福您: 鼠年顺利,数钱不尽


One Response to “Happy Lunar New Year greetings in advance…”

  1. bonbon78

    hihi, haben heard from u in a while, since b4 CNY….wondering how u r getting on, my fren

    do leave mi a comment or drop mi an email to let mi know how things r going, k?

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