Posted On February 28, 2008

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I haven been eating well since I touched down. I have resumed my egg bread cheese routine again.Ah thank you ah whui…for the 耳朵 I like it so much…I ate it while watching tv last night. I know its not healthy but I love it. The thought of the oily food puts me off. Go out and eat I m too lazy.Yest I had a nice lunch some kimchi soup thing with rice, delicious! Yumz  and cheap too 22Yuan. I muz bring P there.

Food here doesn’t really appeal to me very much ( maybe becos I hate eating alone) I love my eggs.. soon I shall fry bacon.. maybe I shall cook one of the nights and have beef and golden mushrooms and cook carrot rice… shall pass the recipe if anyone is interested. I m going to try something new haha.  Will take pics and show soon… with Love… oh and my bacon and 构极子porridge… wiffygal U are going to like this…hhaha


2 Responses to “Eating…”

  1. wiffy

    oh cool! I love forward to your recipe!!

    I haven’t been cooking for a while coz busy and I was just thinking yesterday about when to cook again … a new recipe is just the boost I need to mess up the kitchen again XD

  2. Bear

    Sure let me try and i will share pics and receipe with you.
    esp my lab rat is here to test the food. hehee

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