I LOVE U all

Posted On February 29, 2008

Filed under family, friends

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I have been wanting to post this for the longest time.. I think I have some very GOOD wonderful and caring colleagues at ORM.Altho I have been with them for a short while and I seldom lunch with them cos I have my usual Kakis… but this trip back to SG I could feel their concern and warmth.. it is indeed very comforting to know. Esp my teacher has warmed up a lot and less aloof now hehe. Anyway I was grateful that they actually took time off their schedule to arrange farewell drinks and dinner for me and better still underwrite my share ( least expected) not that I m grateful for that but I was touched by their gesture.. despite some of them had wives already cooked, some of them afraid of wife, some didn’t see wife whole week due to their busy schedules.. it was the kind gesture that touched my heart. Of cos there was cindy who bought me egg tarts ( which I ta pow)… Besides my colleagues I also received a lot of love, concern and warmth and gifts from my other family, who says u can not be closed to your other half sisters and mother , niece etc. I had countless mahjong sessions with the sisters, niece and dad ( even the dad) he is pro still willing to play and teach me… some say is us companying him but I don’t care I think it was Good. I like what I m doing and I enjoy being with them. Not to forget little sis… who bought me so many stuff back for my 2nd trip to SHG thank you all for your love warmth and concern, whenever things get tough here.. I will think of you….and its you that make me stronger ..Of cos my precious who took 2 weeks off his busy schedule to company me.. I m contented with what u can give.. I know it is NOT easy to that especially when you are doing your own biz… Thank you thank you.. for loving me. Livia & Bao Bao too… thanks and of cos not forgetting lili and her cute emails, Wiffygal for reading my blog & leaving comments… i love u all


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