Sat – March1

Posted On March 3, 2008

Filed under Shanghai Dayz & NiteZ

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as usual woke up at 6plus…laze around and watched my DVDs till around 8am, went to have Macs for breakfast, had pork patties for big breakfast and i had 2 piece hotcakes meals… all for 36yuan..den we went to catch a bus 985 to 徐家汇. Digital land quite alike to our sim lim, well things are not that cheap but the bus ride was ok and we walked around the area to enjoy the sights. one thing abt shanghai is there are alot of people lots and lots of people.. so much more then our orchard / suntec .. even worse then the Natas and Comex fairs…those are just a piece of cake if you compare SHG on weekends. anyways we went 静安小 庭 just to look see but it was still the QIPU 路 the best. Liv u will love this. .. i cannot get enough of the place.  then i went to Super brand mall had my dinner at Ajisan again… and then visited 滨江大道。。。 the sight was breath taking it was looking at PUxi from Pudong and we shared a Latte between 2 of us in the cold cold weather.. by then it was kinda of late….so we took a bus back to the apt.


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