Sunday 3 Mar..

Posted On March 3, 2008

Filed under Shanghai Dayz & NiteZ

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another lazy morning den it was Yuyuan for us… we went to the 9 bends bridge and tried the sharkfin dumpling with a straw.. kind of expensive though…den it was Fu You street to see some more wholesale stuff i bought some pretty hair clips for like 2yuan a pair and some very pretty studded ones for 20yuan ( 6 pairs) i look hair accessories… i m vain. He bought some very funny looking scales and of cos some hats or caps for kor kor…. den we went back for hair cut and me hair wash den we went to babelas for Lunch… 1 med size pizza, 1 baked seafood cheese penne, 1 mushroom salad, 1 plate of drumlets(4pieces) plus a bottle of red (750ml) = 106yuan…realli like eating buffet leh…hehe then we went on to the BUND took some pixx and bought some rollers ( like heelys) for 15yuan from 75yuan..really i dont believe these ppl here their prices are weird…. afterwards we walked along bu xing jie to People’s square  station then it was to home and we walked 1/2hr back den we rested in doors i did my laundry and it was dinner, broccoli in some century egg ham fried ( soupy) and hot plate beef… with 2 drinks 48yuan…wow then it was beddy bye for me cos i m super sleepy by then haha


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