One dish meal in Shanghai

Posted On March 4, 2008

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Dear Wiffy, I tried this yest night but in my hunger I forgot to snap pictures of the food. Surprisingly it didn’t need salt of any seasoning but it was good still. Wholesome natural goodness. 1 cooked a 1 dish pumpkin rice with bacon and wolfberries serves 2.  Ingredients: A Slice of Pumpkin ( from supermarkets) – cut into cubesHalf a large white onion ( cut into cubes) 6-8 slices of bacon ( cut in to bite size strips) Half a cup of rice – washed A dash of cooking oil / butter/ margarine4 shitake mushrooms – sliced ( not too thin) Wolfberries – a tablespoon ( washed)  Method – Fry onions / pumpkin / mushrooms & bacon till fragrant in saucepan.Add rice ( uncooked) and fry till onions are clear. Put into rice cooker – add wolfberries. Put to cook. After rice is cooked – stir and mash up pumpkin. Hit the cook button for 3mins.  Your rice is now ready to be consumed. Easy peasy – similar to cabbage rice method. Try and let me know how is it.


3 Responses to “One dish meal in Shanghai”

  1. wiffy

    how can u not take any pics!! just kidding, keke

    your recipe sounds delicious n easy… maybe I will try it soon 😀

  2. Bear

    too hungry lah… i m doing some porridge tnite from the leftovers of pumpkin onions and wolfberries. have to try it tnite and let u know. promise to take pic tis time

  3. Pumpkin Rice |

    […] so it looks bright and cheery. The recipe is from my friend koalabear, and I made small changes to her recipe by changing the bacon to pork belly (because my supermarket only sell vacuum-prepacked bacon which […]

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