Visit from Liv & Friends March 8 to March 16

Posted On March 17, 2008

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I hope they enjoyed the stay & was comfortable with the hotel etc…most importantly, there were helicopter buddies (newly found). Thanks for the company,it was fun eating the steamboats with all the beers at 小尾羊and all the … 串串。。 hair washing etc… and the best was the beer trying night we had together.. and all the egg tarts…dat were complimentary from LJ…the most impressionable thing was TOY shopping with Shu en… and his 2 红白蓝。。。thanks for the memories.. i wished i could have spent more time with you all… so sorry for the days you were left alone


One Response to “Visit from Liv & Friends March 8 to March 16”

  1. bonbon78

    i luv the apt! thanx for being such a wonderful host & guide!

    u took such good care of us, brought us to the BEST shopping & food places and was such good company!

    realli miss u! we took for granted how we could meet up so easily in sg. nw tat we caught up, can’t wait for u to b back or i’ll come knocking on ur door again, before long

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