Taking things for granted

Posted On March 20, 2008

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This is in response to Livia’s comment earlier 1 post down.. I agree so much,when we were in SG, we always assumed that it was easy to meet for quick coffee ( tea) dinnerCatch up etc… now that I m here.. I feel that I actually missed all the familiar faces.. even a dinner with LJ & ZC was that good…Or rather anyone sporean is good enough for me.. I miss u all like crazy…I cant wait to go back to SG.. i want to bring u to KTVs in JB… A decent seafood dinner in JB.. god alone knows we haven’t done that like how many zillion years… actually I have not had a decent chilli crab for a month odd liao.. I miss HOME.. .and all my frens.. I miss TINE TINE too…


One Response to “Taking things for granted”

  1. bonbon78

    aiyoh, i met ZC last nite when we visited SY’s bb Estelle.

    i was juz telling him u r the best JB guide lor.

    absence makes the heart fonder

    hock is back next wk and yes, crabs are in the plans. we will show the crabs no mercy when u r back! die, crabs! die!

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