Luncheon Meat & Eggs

Posted On March 25, 2008

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I am into luncheon meat and eggs since ZC mentioned last wed nite and i have found MA LING on the shelves ( yaay) & i had luncheon meat with wolfberry porridge ( lunch yesterday) Dinner was luncheon meat, fried sunny side up & canned chye sim with porridge… Lunch today is fried luncheon meat with ommelette with chye sim.. oh i found canned pork and mushroom ( those that you make 炸酱面 with) i shall cook that with the left over beef from steamboat place and fry some greens and have it with porridge as well.. yumz.. i m into home cook food now… its so boring to eat outside… i think its healthy too cos i dun use salt or sugar….Oh ZC.. u just had to start the luncheon meat story now i m happily eating it..haha… i guess we need to eat our fill her or else when we go back no chance liao…


One Response to “Luncheon Meat & Eggs”

  1. bonbon78

    wah…tis posting makes mi crave for luncheon meat

    i luv fried luncheon meat!

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