Posted On March 31, 2008

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Ok i m still at it… cos i m still irritated. i can understand the China “older” and uneducated uncles for spitting , burping , digging their nose in public..but i cant understand why the younger ones ( educated in Europe) do the same thing too… & better still not even an excuse me ( or a gesture to show that they close their mouth.) they chew loudly, they blow their nose ( running nose at their workstation) and dream in sessions… i dun know if i m too harsh but really I CANT Stand BAD MANNERS!! HELP some one HELP


One Response to “Manners”

  1. wiffy

    They are (mostly) all like that, young or old. Looks like the uncouth behaviour is deeply embedded in them 😛 Can’t help u either coz I am equally miffed by their behaviour, haha … but I can join your support group =D Well, at least we are better than them ;D

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