April 1.. 2008

Posted On April 1, 2008

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5th Death anniversary of Leslie Cheung… i don really think abt “stars” that much but somehow he came to my mind today as i write this post.. i wanted to write about April Fool’s day and this is the first one i spend outside SG w/o my good frens / family beside me or rather to be more precise ALONE…  i digress… So back to Leslie Cheung, i used to love his movies alot when i was in my teens i thought he was really handsome ( compared to Alan T) – Alan’s fan’s please dont slam me, i m talking abt my own opinions, surely i m entitled to them..then somehow i lost touch with movies or rather HK movies and stars as i grew up , dad passed away and i got caught up with growing up.. i forgot what it was like to dream of handsome stars or those pretty starlettes with their colourful lives.. sometimes i think stars lead very confusing characters, they cant tell the difference between reel and real…1 life so many parents, so many deaths, so more lovers, husbands and in some case so many marriages, broken relationships etc.. it is so traumatising i dont think i can cope / deal with so many HIGh and Lows in one lifetime…and to be a good actor/ actress i guess you have to be very involved in the role..its not easy.. to be PROFESSIONAL abt this? honestly i think its rather tough… that JOB is not an easy one… and its not that fun afterall , think of the hours they have to keep… the stress of 生离死别。。and also your personal life under scrunity…if a man has a mistress/ or a woman has an extra M affair, its pretty normal.. but if you are a star.. U are so dead, your character goes under the microscope..  its no wonder, Leslie suffers from depression


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