random thots

Posted On April 9, 2008

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i have alot of random thoughts going thru my head today. i need to shop for stuff, i want to pack my bags,i need to organise meeting notes, i want to go off to sleep..so many many things.. also i m not sure how i will be facing the Spore folks..wouldnt it be strange to be apart for 2mths odd… also i feel sad to be leaving my apt of 3mths behind… altho its a strange room but its somewhere tat i have been treating as my “home” for the last 3mths… so weird.. but on the other hand i m glad that i m leaving, cant wait to go home to my family & frens though… i miss my DOG.. but i think i will miss the quietness here on somedays.. i have a busy weekend coming up.. lots of errands to run.. ie terence ear phones, sis earphones, some hardware, some kids stuff just too many things.. i can see a busy weekend coming up haha


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