Shanghai favourites

Posted On April 14, 2008

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As i m ending my term here.. i must say i enjoy a couple of things, the shopping at QIPU LU , YUYUAN wholesale markets, the steamboats, the mushrooms , the veg the fruits and the flowers… i love the weather for the last least it was not bitterly cold like in JAn when i first came…i love to look at the pearl of the orient tv tower at night and in the day, it has never cease to amaze huh? anyway i now have mixed feelings if i still want to come back.i dun like being apart from my family and frens but at the same time i know the work is still not completed.. i m stressed..someone tell me how…


One Response to “Shanghai favourites”

  1. bonbon78

    home is where the heart is, they say

    and ur heart is obviously wif loved ones

    i luv shg too! i could live there but of course i dun mean alone

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