Why i love watsons

Posted On May 2, 2008

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I am a BIG watson fan no matter where i go.. be it Spore, Msia, HK or Shanghai.. i just love to pop into watsons..there is always so much to see and no matter wat i never come out of it empty handed, sometimes its cosmetics, sometimes food, toiletries or even just small things like tissues… yest alone i visited 3 watsons, namely 1 at vivo, 1 at plaza sing & finally at BPP.. however i must say i was not impressed with the Plaza Sing outlet, somehow it was disappointing…i just didnt feel comfortable with the layout… walked in didnt get anything and went off.. at vivo, i bought face powder and a maybelline lip gloss, at bpp was the house brand watson yogurt shampoo , yogurt treatment wax and 2 bars of toblerone fruit & nut.. & my fave laurier.. ( there was an offer u see..BUY 1 $3.30, buy 2 $4.30) just how can i resist?? i love to buy mints..tissue…and even their floss( tooth floss) i love their 20% off and even in China i had things to get from watsons… i visited the Superbrand mall one, the one at nanjing east, the one at huaihai and the one at dongchang… i just cannot resist watsons…can u?


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