The meeting of new friends & the old pals..

Posted On May 7, 2008

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as i mentioned somewhere in my last few posts, i m super glad that i could merge back to the team so quickly. most importantly i made even more friends… or changed some relationship from just mere colleagues to friends.. also glad that i found a new friend amonsgt the team( Olive). weird isnt it, i been back like 3weeks and found new friendship… maybe this is 缘. anyway on a separate note thru winson, i got to know this new fren which i thought was rather interesting and nice.. besides in the true spirit of livia, all frens must know all frens.. so i will be arranging a meet up session netx week but still havent decided where… i m sure liv will love to meet these diversified characters, well liv we met navy, air force, army lets do one with ex police force.. how does that sound? that reminds me i need to arrange a meeting with wiffy too.. aiyo schedule packed! but u know i love my frens all my frens and u know wat i think the most amazing one is Livia, we can be apart for so long, but we never lose time or touch.. we still have that friendship on going despite us not meeting as frequent as we should.. oh we still have another one to go with ah cai & u know who… hehe


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