Canon EOS350D

Posted On May 12, 2008

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dear wiffy.. i m thinking of getting the above ( 2nd hand) me is super excited… but i m still undecided btween a nikon…D40x.. i know u love photography too..any thoughts on this…tnite i m viewing one at punggol… 2yrs old, black body plus lense and acc @$600.. any thoughts on this? i thought the 400D was good in fact i was thinking of the 450D initially.. but i thought it was abit high price to pay for my first toy… not sure if i really want to commit to the hobby on long term though… let me have ur thoughts soon. till we catch up..soon Love bear


One Response to “Canon EOS350D”

  1. noobcook

    I’m actually a novice at photography hardware and theory, heehee and I dunno anything about Canon leh …

    D40x is a simplified DSLR. The good thing is it’s one of the lightest and most compact DSLRs. My professional friends don’t really like it though because they say it’s limited in terms of lens compatibility. It depends on how serious you want to go into it, hmm. It’s usually the lens that cost much more than the body if you go into it in the long run …

    Look forward to meeting up with u …

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