Posted On May 21, 2008

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Was speaking with Liv on something and this is what she said and i edited it alittle…


A lot of things r due to karma… who doesn’t want 母慈子孝 but more often den not, unconsciously, we influenced our offspring’s’ values over time and hence the behavior

How we express our love and to what extent we let them indulge in their materialistic pursuits will affect their values too

though all of us have inborn personalities from infancy, i think to a larger extent, it’s upbringing. ( 先天,后天) there is no one size fit all formula.
dealing with parents and children is similar to situational leadership, suiting leadership style to leadership needs of the individuals





We can never have the perfect husband wife/ girl/ boyfriend… parents child even friends relationship… in life as we grow older, we learn to compromise and give in… at 18 we are that hot blooded child, at 25 we are at our youth we live our lives envious of our neighbours, the grass is always greener.. but how much effort and pain has been put in to nurture that grass to make it greener nobody sees..


There are certain relationships that have 今生没来世。especially when dealing with our siblings or our parents…Whether we want to let ourselves be happy or not, its our choice, you can choose to be generous or you can choose to be petty… but at the end, think carefully who is the one really unhappy? and who is carrying that burden? is it me or the other party at the same time i ask the same question are we totally ” Faultless”?


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