Casio Edfice…

Posted On May 22, 2008

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i like!!! affordable & reliable  anytime… most of us grew up with casios… way before baby G came along… Excellent gift… i bought one yesterday with brown leather strap, square off white face and all the dials inside are working… it has day, month, date & 24 hour time..can be worn for work! altho i bought it on impluse, i still think it was a gd buy! yaay


One Response to “Casio Edfice…”

  1. bonbon78

    mi is wearing the illuminator…luv at first sight!

    and YY has a black baby G, very basic and sporty looking, durable too. was going to get him a cheaper casio but most of the models dun look very nice for very young kids

    he luvs it so much, he wears it all the time, even to bed. i haf to peel it off him

    it’s a good investment coz the cheap $10 watches dun last very long. the parts will fall apart in a matter of days so reli not worthwhile in meantime

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