Missing U all…

I am surprised how much I have grown… cos I actually learn how to control the inner devil..Sometimes I m defiant about some stuff when he says don’t do it, I will still want to do it or even if I don’t I feel a small resentment at the back of the mind : “like why why I cant? “its weird I actually passed going out 2 nights in a row and yet not feel any “regrets” maybe because I don’t enjoy the person’s company or maybe I just didn’t want to go…. But hey KTV and drinks leh, my fave u know? Hmm is it because I was saving for the CNY presents or is it because I just missed home and my friends at home too much? I think KTV is not as fun with P and the 2 girls and all the nonsensical stuff that we do.. I will never forget our last KTV session with ah 贝, “周杰伦是哪个国家的歌手?” also all the rubbishy things that we say and all the steam we let out at those sessions



Posted On January 4, 2008

Filed under 给爱我的他!

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如此舍不得你 因为你给我最美好的记忆
望着窗外淅沥哗啦小雨 仿佛是你伤心的泪滴
每次当我低头回想过去 为所爱的苦竟如此美丽
让我再为你高歌一曲 为了分离
万分舍不得你 天明后我将要离去
前途也许充满着风雨 我是如此需要你的鼓励
我会托人带来平安的消息 但愿你不会轻易将我忘记
让我们将杯中的酒喝尽 为了分离
不要哭泣 你已将我的心留在这里
不要忘记 有人追你 你要说不可以
不要怀疑 爱的路上只有我和你
不要哭泣 我有好多话要告诉你
不要忘记 有人追你 你要说不可以
不要怀疑 请你好好珍惜你自己
 我的心以留在这里。。。我会好好加油, 你也要加油哦!