Luncheon Meat & Eggs

Posted On March 25, 2008

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I am into luncheon meat and eggs since ZC mentioned last wed nite and i have found MA LING on the shelves ( yaay) & i had luncheon meat with wolfberry porridge ( lunch yesterday) Dinner was luncheon meat, fried sunny side up & canned chye sim with porridge… Lunch today is fried luncheon meat with ommelette with chye sim.. oh i found canned pork and mushroom ( those that you make 炸酱面 with) i shall cook that with the left over beef from steamboat place and fry some greens and have it with porridge as well.. yumz.. i m into home cook food now… its so boring to eat outside… i think its healthy too cos i dun use salt or sugar….Oh ZC.. u just had to start the luncheon meat story now i m happily eating it..haha… i guess we need to eat our fill her or else when we go back no chance liao…


One dish meal in Shanghai

Posted On March 4, 2008

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Dear Wiffy, I tried this yest night but in my hunger I forgot to snap pictures of the food. Surprisingly it didn’t need salt of any seasoning but it was good still. Wholesome natural goodness. 1 cooked a 1 dish pumpkin rice with bacon and wolfberries serves 2.  Ingredients: A Slice of Pumpkin ( from supermarkets) – cut into cubesHalf a large white onion ( cut into cubes) 6-8 slices of bacon ( cut in to bite size strips) Half a cup of rice – washed A dash of cooking oil / butter/ margarine4 shitake mushrooms – sliced ( not too thin) Wolfberries – a tablespoon ( washed)  Method – Fry onions / pumpkin / mushrooms & bacon till fragrant in saucepan.Add rice ( uncooked) and fry till onions are clear. Put into rice cooker – add wolfberries. Put to cook. After rice is cooked – stir and mash up pumpkin. Hit the cook button for 3mins.  Your rice is now ready to be consumed. Easy peasy – similar to cabbage rice method. Try and let me know how is it.


Posted On February 28, 2008

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I haven been eating well since I touched down. I have resumed my egg bread cheese routine again.Ah thank you ah whui…for the 耳朵 I like it so much…I ate it while watching tv last night. I know its not healthy but I love it. The thought of the oily food puts me off. Go out and eat I m too lazy.Yest I had a nice lunch some kimchi soup thing with rice, delicious! Yumz  and cheap too 22Yuan. I muz bring P there.

Food here doesn’t really appeal to me very much ( maybe becos I hate eating alone) I love my eggs.. soon I shall fry bacon.. maybe I shall cook one of the nights and have beef and golden mushrooms and cook carrot rice… shall pass the recipe if anyone is interested. I m going to try something new haha.  Will take pics and show soon… with Love… oh and my bacon and 构极子porridge… wiffygal U are going to like this…hhaha

I want Corn 馒头

Posted On January 23, 2008

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I m crazy.. i actually crave

Posted On January 17, 2008

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for the Peasant food in the Dining Areas for commoners/locals…. how can this be? i actually i look forward to the daily menus haha

Lime Flavoured Lays Chips

Posted On January 16, 2008

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i tried and for 8yuan a bottle its yummy  and the taste itself is so unique never had better,…

my daily meals in shanghai

oh i m so lazy that i resort to only one real meal a day on weekdays.. dun get me wrong i m not on a diet or something, just lazy.. when u are alone not much motivation to cook morever there are alot of very affordable incentives out there ie takeaways, i saw  油条豆浆 from the famous 永和chain..shall try them if it rains too much this weekend to go far…

so i digress, ok here is what i eat..

Bfast – black coffee no sugar/ milk

Lunch – peasant rice & food from the canteen next door ( affordable and not bad for 12yuan)

Dinner – usually bread from the 贝壳面包店  (the breads  there are like in the shape of —shells) I like the red bean and yesterday i tried the sugar butter toast it was yummy !) accompanied by juice( carrot / veg/ grapefruit or orange..) and yesterday some little oranges ( those that u can eat with the skins..)

=================== which is a vast improvement from my monday’s meal of biscuits and juice

i can still cook

Posted On July 4, 2007

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despite being officially not in the kitchen for a couple of years, i realised that i still haven lost that touch.. I made “rice cooker – cabbage / pumpkin rice” and chicken & carrot congee… both were quite delicious & tasty despite me not using any salt or artifical flavouring.. i will put up the receipe soon for your benefit – Wiffgal. “He” commented it was delicious! I m so happy there is nothing more satisfying when your loved one enjoyed what you cooked..despite them being a one dish meal… unfortunately no pic..

Cabbage , Pumpkin rice

  • Some lean pork – seasoned in dark sauce
  • 2 table spoon of veg low fat margarine
  • whole garlics 2-3 ( lightly smashed with ends of knife- keep whole)
  • Hey bee ( dried prawns) & dried scallop ( soaked in warm water)
  • Black mushrooms ( soaked and cut into halves or slices – upto you)
  • Cabbage Leaves ( halved)
  • Pumpkin – cut into rectangles – not too small
  • Rice ( washed)

To Do:

  1.  Heat Margarine
  2. Stir fry garlic , hey bee, scallops with pork till fragrant
  3. add in rice & stir fry till fragrant & rice is brownish caused by the soya sauce in pork
  4. Put everything into rice cooker – then add cabbage, pumpkin, mushroom & water
  5. Turn rice cooker to cook.
  6. Ready to serve

This is my all time fave one dish meal – its fuss free, and best of all it is economical and time saving..cos the rice cooker is doing the cooking… also if you are not a pork person, do it with chicken chunks..if you want it to be even more tasty, add wax sausages,salted fish or carrots instead of pumpkin, the possibilities are endless..try it..

Food & me

Posted On May 15, 2007

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since i have given up on Meats ie Chicken / lamb & beef… i have been consuming fish & seafood and i m getting so bored… cos the usual dislike fishball noodles me will now have to consume that over mushroom minced pork noodles… however after 3weeks or a non meat diet i somehow cannot imagine the taste of meat any more..sometimes i m tempted by the smells and sights by what others consume but i really cant when i look at the meat and put  a face to the animal… omg….i “chicken” out….