Highlights of my mornings

Posted On March 27, 2008

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every morn i come in to read Liv’s blog w/o fail. i like to know wat is happening to my friend back home and it is so easy just by reading and the distance gets closer..despite us being a few hundred thousand miles away… i think blogs are great way to ensure ppl dun lose touch with one and other..


Luncheon Meat & Eggs

Posted On March 25, 2008

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I am into luncheon meat and eggs since ZC mentioned last wed nite and i have found MA LING on the shelves ( yaay) & i had luncheon meat with wolfberry porridge ( lunch yesterday) Dinner was luncheon meat, fried sunny side up & canned chye sim with porridge… Lunch today is fried luncheon meat with ommelette with chye sim.. oh i found canned pork and mushroom ( those that you make 炸酱面 with) i shall cook that with the left over beef from steamboat place and fry some greens and have it with porridge as well.. yumz.. i m into home cook food now… its so boring to eat outside… i think its healthy too cos i dun use salt or sugar….Oh ZC.. u just had to start the luncheon meat story now i m happily eating it..haha… i guess we need to eat our fill her or else when we go back no chance liao…

I cried dis morn too…

Posted On March 25, 2008

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 Read this mail in descending order…

HER : I can see him but he will not have answer for me. A has asked and he said he need some time. What is the point of seeing him? I may just feel worse after talking to him.

ME:  I think we have to trust our bosses. And have faith that they will treat us fairly. Don worry you may be just speculating… don torment yourself like that…rem the power of lilo is with you..and of cos stitch and all the cousins are behind you.. you don’t have a few soldiers you have an army behind u

Her: Thank you karen. Ur email just made me cry, but it meant a lot to me.

Actually dearest lilo… i cried too when i read your reply… i can feel the same pain, it may be at  different places…but we are looking at the same sky every night…be strong..may all my best wishes be with you…

Visit from Liv & Friends March 8 to March 16

Posted On March 17, 2008

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I hope they enjoyed the stay & was comfortable with the hotel etc…most importantly, there were helicopter buddies (newly found). Thanks for the company,it was fun eating the steamboats with all the beers at 小尾羊and all the … 串串。。 hair washing etc… and the best was the beer trying night we had together.. and all the egg tarts…dat were complimentary from LJ…the most impressionable thing was TOY shopping with Shu en… and his 2 红白蓝。。。thanks for the memories.. i wished i could have spent more time with you all… so sorry for the days you were left alone

One dish meal in Shanghai

Posted On March 4, 2008

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Dear Wiffy, I tried this yest night but in my hunger I forgot to snap pictures of the food. Surprisingly it didn’t need salt of any seasoning but it was good still. Wholesome natural goodness. 1 cooked a 1 dish pumpkin rice with bacon and wolfberries serves 2.  Ingredients: A Slice of Pumpkin ( from supermarkets) – cut into cubesHalf a large white onion ( cut into cubes) 6-8 slices of bacon ( cut in to bite size strips) Half a cup of rice – washed A dash of cooking oil / butter/ margarine4 shitake mushrooms – sliced ( not too thin) Wolfberries – a tablespoon ( washed)  Method – Fry onions / pumpkin / mushrooms & bacon till fragrant in saucepan.Add rice ( uncooked) and fry till onions are clear. Put into rice cooker – add wolfberries. Put to cook. After rice is cooked – stir and mash up pumpkin. Hit the cook button for 3mins.  Your rice is now ready to be consumed. Easy peasy – similar to cabbage rice method. Try and let me know how is it.

I LOVE U all

Posted On February 29, 2008

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I have been wanting to post this for the longest time.. I think I have some very GOOD wonderful and caring colleagues at ORM.Altho I have been with them for a short while and I seldom lunch with them cos I have my usual Kakis… but this trip back to SG I could feel their concern and warmth.. it is indeed very comforting to know. Esp my teacher has warmed up a lot and less aloof now hehe. Anyway I was grateful that they actually took time off their schedule to arrange farewell drinks and dinner for me and better still underwrite my share ( least expected) not that I m grateful for that but I was touched by their gesture.. despite some of them had wives already cooked, some of them afraid of wife, some didn’t see wife whole week due to their busy schedules.. it was the kind gesture that touched my heart. Of cos there was cindy who bought me egg tarts ( which I ta pow)… Besides my colleagues I also received a lot of love, concern and warmth and gifts from my other family, who says u can not be closed to your other half sisters and mother , niece etc. I had countless mahjong sessions with the sisters, niece and dad ( even the dad) he is pro still willing to play and teach me… some say is us companying him but I don’t care I think it was Good. I like what I m doing and I enjoy being with them. Not to forget little sis… who bought me so many stuff back for my 2nd trip to SHG thank you all for your love warmth and concern, whenever things get tough here.. I will think of you….and its you that make me stronger ..Of cos my precious who took 2 weeks off his busy schedule to company me.. I m contented with what u can give.. I know it is NOT easy to that especially when you are doing your own biz… Thank you thank you.. for loving me. Livia & Bao Bao too… thanks and of cos not forgetting lili and her cute emails, Wiffygal for reading my blog & leaving comments… i love u all


Posted On February 1, 2008

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我了这种感受。。。。 离开了家才懂得家有多可爱。。。和温心。。。 平时的唠叨都变佳音。 朋友们我好想你。。。 那些ORM同事谢谢你们的电话和邮件,你们的关心给了我好多的鼓励和勇气。。  

Missing U all…

I am surprised how much I have grown… cos I actually learn how to control the inner devil..Sometimes I m defiant about some stuff when he says don’t do it, I will still want to do it or even if I don’t I feel a small resentment at the back of the mind : “like why why I cant? “its weird I actually passed going out 2 nights in a row and yet not feel any “regrets” maybe because I don’t enjoy the person’s company or maybe I just didn’t want to go…. But hey KTV and drinks leh, my fave u know? Hmm is it because I was saving for the CNY presents or is it because I just missed home and my friends at home too much? I think KTV is not as fun with P and the 2 girls and all the nonsensical stuff that we do.. I will never forget our last KTV session with ah 贝, “周杰伦是哪个国家的歌手?” also all the rubbishy things that we say and all the steam we let out at those sessions

才见肥猪财拱户 , 又迎金鼠福临门

Posted On January 29, 2008

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Early Lunar New Year Greetings to all of You. as we count down to CNY, cant explain but pretty excited about CNy this year… Some of You will know why pretty soon. watch this space for more  …

Dear Wiffygal

Posted On January 15, 2008

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Thanks for your concern…much better due to the good rest i had last nite.. think i need to rest more if i want to get well… cant stay too late this 2 days as it is rather cold here…and the winds are pretty strong at night… it is a common thing for singaporeans to NOT outlive the 2weeks period before falling sick here..especially in Winter.. I think i need to bring my redoxine to work and drink it diligently… but somehow i keep forgetting… I think its not only the weather but the part abt not eating properly… lonely and homesick i guess.. i have been living on bread for dinner..anyway my apt is a duplex meaning the room is upstairs and the living room and kitchen is downstairs, my internet connection is upstairs so after work i pretty much lock up the doors and hole up in the room with the tv on.. and flip channels.. that is pretty much how i spend my weekday nites…

Till we talk again.. take care.. do leave messages here for me…glad to see msgs..its a real CHEER…

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