Gastric Pains & Me

I cannot explain why I m suffering from massive gastric pains. I think it’s the ulcer that is acting up again. No matter how much Antacids I take its for a while only. Better to get Elsie to get some more when she comes over . Not sure if the meds here are ok. Don’t want anything with Panadol I will die lor. Hee. I have been taking my meals but somehow it keeps coming maybe it’s the weather maybe it’s the water or maybe it’s the emotions that affect it all. I notice it happens when I m here. back home it doesn’t happen so frequently. This is NO GOOD very NO GOOD…


Weekend 29Feb – Fri ( part1)

Feb 29 evening -1 couldnt wait to knock off, i left at 6pm. we rushed to 大姆子广场to get p his thicker warmer jacket… we manged to get one good looking jacket for 99yuan with furry trimmings inside. i m pleased cos i know we will nvr get one at that price back home. All the nice jackets were like in the range of 39 to 59 for ladies unfortunately it was end of season soon and i wont need these anymore or i would have been tempted to get a piece or 2 cos at 59yuan those are a steal. and better steal the colours are so beautiful, we had ajisan for dinner with sake , 2 mains and 2 sides for 101yuan..den it was back to apt for a rest cos it was a tiring day as he jus touched down tis morning at 0555hrs…

why am i whining?

Posted On February 28, 2008

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Have just like stepped into the China office and I am much fire fighting and so much troubles, worse still you work with ppl who don’t have initiative or rather spend their time doing senseless work. Sometimes I dun quite enjoy the challenges it is rather frustrating and I don feel as happy as I should.If someone is to ask me, do I like China or do I like SG, now I can give a definite answer, its definitely HOME.That is where my frens and family and not to forget my food and dog is…  I am not sure why I m whining… its so not me but seems like I feel so helpless… at times. I can only complain over the phone or email to cindy or li li. I think I m mad…haha Cheer up Karen, tomo is Friday… Life is not worth living if its all fun and smooth sailing. ( so lame!) double haha


Posted On February 18, 2008

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oh dear.. its still CNY & i have so much new stuff to work on… tried not to think abt it over the weekend but the naggy stressful feeling is back… let me list them

  1. China RR to review & map against control cat
  2. China RC to roll out & faciliate
  3. DQ matters
  4. china ica
  5. my own personal reading..
  6. visa issues..

ok although its like just 6 items.. i m going crazy… crazy is the word… again its the worry of not being able to deliver.. i have expectations of my own too… sometimes i wonder if my decision to go a correct one…


Have been havoing tummy upset since Sat night, i feel hungry and when i eat i get the gastric pains, in the mornng i get the heartburn feeling…, i feel so lousy and guess what when i walk past my fave food stalls, i get a wave of nausea from the food smells… i have been taking my anacids fatihfully but looks like it is just not is depressed.Shall have to live on bread plain ole bread for the next few days and avoid all oily foods.. The NEED to get well soon is STRONG i hope i CAN…

32 days more

Posted On January 28, 2008

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am counting down..counting down…

counting down to Visits

Posted On January 23, 2008

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37 more days P will come, 44days more to Livia…

i m so looking forward to you …. Missing You like crazy


ok today is Friday, tomo can i can hv personal time off again YAAY… tomo i have a plan, i shall go to the 静安小庭 which was recommended by Livia’s fren Andy…then maybe off to 七浦路批发市场 according to some, the latter is a damm packed place and i wont enjoy it but i think i m fine moreover i will be alone. Just hang on to the bag real tight… i want to hunt for some stuff to bring home as gifts to hui and the children, i havent gotten anything for bobo as yet..sorry Bo..i m still looking. Hmm thinking of the giantic mickey mouse for mimi and the smaller version( a pair for SY)…Oh & i am looking for the Ez Link stickers.. if i cant find them i know i can find them at 陆家嘴station… 哈哈.  then probably by the time i finish 七浦路its just nice to go home, shall leave apt at 10am tomo, wake up at 830 to wash clothes black ones tomo den hang them out before i go out….

Sunday? i think i shall pamper myself, go to 小东门for manicure and do my hair haha.. cool huh den i ll shop around the 福佑路小商品市场den back to hotel for R &R and DVD … then to a busy week ahead

Next week will be awfully busy

Posted On January 17, 2008

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so far i have abt 5 meetings / workshop to conduct and still counting..will die

but i look forward to the coming weekend i have so much to see and do..haha

I m going to buy VCD serial to watch at night

the need to amuse myself is strong….especialy when i am alone..shall catch up on all the serials that i have not gotten a chance to watch whilst i m at home..

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