why am i whining?

Posted On February 28, 2008

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Have just like stepped into the China office and I am swamped.so much fire fighting and so much troubles, worse still you work with ppl who don’t have initiative or rather spend their time doing senseless work. Sometimes I dun quite enjoy the challenges it is rather frustrating and I don feel as happy as I should.If someone is to ask me, do I like China or do I like SG, now I can give a definite answer, its definitely HOME.That is where my frens and family and not to forget my food and dog is…  I am not sure why I m whining… its so not me but seems like I feel so helpless… at times. I can only complain over the phone or email to cindy or li li. I think I m mad…haha Cheer up Karen, tomo is Friday… Life is not worth living if its all fun and smooth sailing. ( so lame!) double haha


Feeling down

Posted On January 22, 2008

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I think its the work, the weather the people everything… i cannot understand why ppl need to be so manipulative at times. If ppl jus do their work as required and not try to shove responsibilities around, i m sure things will work out even better. Why is there always this concept of your work, my work, your dept ought to do this , its not my dept work…. sometimes certain things are shared responsibilities and all ppl as long as u work for the organisation has a part to play in everything…to get things to work…

I m so irritated.. i wan to go home this place is no fun,on my 2week i m left alone to pick up the pieces, on beginning of 3rd week i have to fire fight…when will all this end.. i really need a break. & guess what today is only TUESDAY.. how m i going to survive till month end for the long break?

I m going to buy VCD serial to watch at night

the need to amuse myself is strong….especialy when i am alone..shall catch up on all the serials that i have not gotten a chance to watch whilst i m at home..

1 more work day, 2 more spore days

Posted On January 3, 2008

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fear,sadness and reluctance is the feeling i get.. weird.

My NY2008 Resolution

Posted On December 26, 2007

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  1.  学着宽容
  2.  更会包容
  3. 更珍惜 所有的所有
  4. 比今年更加努力让身边的人更开心
  5. 让相信我的人骄傲


Men & their feelings.. 男人歌 … 男人 KTV

Posted On December 14, 2007

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Recently someone keep telling me to go and check out this new song from 胡彦斌.. 男人 KTV.. the lyrics is so nice and i think many men would love this song cos it’s so them… how many of you think that men do actually have a weaker side and how often do we get to see them? This song is for those guys out there that have that moment of weakness.. check out the lyrics



Posted On December 14, 2007

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I m leaving on the 6th..not sure what will unfold…having mixed feelings..abit scare,abit sad,abit excited… its going to be cold so i heard…have yet to get ready my stuff as i m awfully busy wif finishing my assignments on hand…

someone said to me..u so brave dare to go alone for 3mths.. i havent tried living alone in an apt before all by myself but i guess it is going to be a learning experience for me.. i will grow even more… actuali i don mind being alone..but erh having to do my own washing…OMG.. i = lazy leh…hahah

my dear fren is not too happy, face been alittle black & he has been rather quiet..this has been verified by ef..oh dear…

anyway i have so much to do i.e. packing for wk & packing for myself…& i not sure if i should bring some stuff or buy the stuff there…stress leh, everyday i rem there is something else i need to get..double aiyo…

My New Job

Posted On September 4, 2007

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ok i m long overdue by a month, i reported for work on 1 Aug and today is the 4/9. i m still trying to settle down and grope my way around. I enjoy wat i m learning and i have great colleagues and bosses but sometimes i cannot help but feel tat i m more of a liability then an asset. I feel so stupid at times.gosh! i m not sure if i have too much expectations or what but sometimes at my level we are expected to float no matter what correct??

i feel lousy today!

Counting Down..14 days more

Posted On July 11, 2007

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i approach my New Post with much apprehension. I m finally Leaving my colleagues who have been like FAMILY for the last 3years odd.It really diff to say Goodbye..but i know as long as we have each other in our hearts,we never have to say GDbye and we will never have to be apart. come on! no need to be mushy abt this i m next building & still within the same BANK…haha

舍不得, 输不起!

Posted On July 7, 2007

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